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Are you looking forward to expanding your presence by developing iPad apps that are not only easy to use, but frictionless? Then choose Brain Squad as your iPad app development company and get a robust, beautiful, feature-rich and secure iPad app designed for your business. Brain Squad is one of the most popular and leading iPad app development company that has been making successful iPad app projects for over 13 years. We pride ourselves on our years of industry experience and using agile development methodologies combined with a customer-centric approach, we have developed outstanding iPad apps for our clients.

We welcome a team made up of some of the best talent in the industry. Our team of experienced, professional, dedicated and skilled developers will take your iPad app development process to a new level and allow you to take advantage of the iPad platform. We use the best technologies and tools to ensure high-quality app development, and that’s how we stand out from the crowd.

Give Your Business a Mobility Boost with Customized iPad Application

Sales of laptops and desktops plummeted after the introduction of iPads. There is no doubt that the market is full of many types of tablets, but iPads still lead the industry due to their quality and seamless user interface. With the growing number of iPad users, the idea of ​​developing iPad apps caught fire among developers and quickly became an important part of any app development strategy. If a company does not develop an iPad application, it will not be able to target the market with its application as it wishes.

Today, most consumers look forward to accessing data and information on the go. Although targeting consumers through the mobile app is the most fundamental trend, there is a large group of potential consumers that you will miss if you only use mobile apps. These potential consumers are those who use iPads. That’s why Brain Squad offers user-friendly and efficient iPad app development services to meet all your needs.

Our Process for iPad App Development


We start the iPad app development process by analyzing various aspects that contribute to developing an outstanding iPad app for your business. At this point in the iPad app development process, we understand our customers, their current needs, requirements, goals, the industry they operate in, and their expectations for iPad app development. This allows us to create a roadmap for the iPad app development process. In this phase, we also select the best technologies and solutions to create the iPad application.

UI/UX Design

After analyzing the ideas and requirements, we move on to the next phase of iPad application development, which includes designing the user interface and user experience. You should know that this is one of the most important stages in the development of an application. In this phase, the layout and user interface of the iPad application are determined and designed.


The third phase of creating an iPad app is development, and this is where coding begins. During this phase, we perform user acceptance testing and also collect feedback from our clients on the progress of the project. By involving our customers in the development phase, we can create user-friendly iPad apps for our customers.


This is where the dedicated testing team comes in. We believe in providing our customers with a bug-free iPad app and that’s why every app goes through the testing process. In this phase, we find bugs and errors in the application that could affect the performance of the application.


This is the last phase of the iPad app development and during this phase we finally deploy the iPad app to the client’s server, in the app store and take care of the maintenance of the application.

iPad Apps are different than iPhone

iPad apps are fundamentally different from iPhone apps. Below are the two main differences between iPhone apps and iPad apps.


The screen size of iPad is completely different from that of iPhone, which is why the UI apps are completely different for both devices. It’s true that there are many different sizes of iPads these days, but iPads are always bigger than iPhones.

Target user

The target user also varies from platform to platform, which is why it becomes necessary to choose the right Apple device for the right consumer. For example, if you are eager to create an educational app, you should go for iPad because even schools use iPads for educational purposes.

Designing Visually Appealing iPad Apps

The appearance of the app is one of the most important elements for the success of the app and the same goes for iPad apps. That’s why we use the best tools and technology to create visually pleasing iPad apps that not only soothe the eye, but also make the app appealing. Our developers know how important the overall appearance of apps is, and that’s why we use various methods and elements throughout the iPad app development process to improve the look of the app.

It is true that you should run iPhone apps on iPad smoothly, but you should take a unique approach while designing iPad apps. With the help of key developer tools and design software, we are able to build apps that make sense on larger platforms such as iPads.

We design visually appealing iPad apps for our clients by using the right combination of colors, choosing attractive templates and creating a seamless user interface based on the average iPad size. We’re known in the industry for designing visually stunning apps, and the same goes for our iPad apps. So, if you are eager to create visually stunning apps, you shouldn’t hesitate to choose Brain Squad as your iPad app development partner.

Use our expertise for iPad app development

Benefit from years of experience in the iPad app development industry and get a robust and responsive iPad app that provides a full tablet experience. We’ve served a variety of industries with our iPad app development service, including healthcare, e-commerce, construction, education, accounting, and many more.

In addition to our own know-how, you can benefit from our experienced developers. You should know that all developers working at Brain Squad have over 13 years of industry experience.

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