Enterprise Mobile Apps


We provide powerful and multi-functional Enterprise Mobile Apps

With so many mobile platforms available, it’s a good idea to have an app that’s compatible with a variety of handheld devices. Enterprise is a complex mobile application that integrates all platforms used by a given company. At Brain Squad, we provide robust and multi-functional enterprise mobility services for mobile applications, keeping your goals in mind.


The enterprise platform for mobile applications allows the integration of different mobile platforms, users, databases, portable devices and networks under one roof. It also manages back-end services for other mobile applications and integrates them with the company’s database.

Cost Efficiency

This app allows your company’s employees to access databases and other valuable information from their devices. It can be connected to all mobile operating systems; Seamless integration of employee mobile devices can significantly reduce enterprise device costs.


The application is developed in compliance with high security standards. The app contains a chain of authorization and access control points to prevent data misuse. A control management system allows the administrator to track access to the application by different users and the types of data a user is allowed to access. Strict protocols are followed when it comes to protecting corporate data during handling and delivery, including on our backend.


Enterprise is a beneficial two-way application that caters to both the business and the employee. Companies have permanent access to all employees through this application, regardless of their location. All reports can be shared by authorized personnel from any device, making the turnaround time very short in terms of CRM workflow. You can access training data, customer data, billing, email marketing, and more. from anywhere, resulting in an efficient workforce.

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