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Developing Smarter and more Powerful Android Apps than Ever

Mobile apps have undoubtedly become a critical tool for the success of every type of firm. In the current era, 8 out of 10 internet users have smartphones, and most users spend around 90% of their time on mobile apps instead of mobile websites.

Whether you are looking for a standalone mobile app or a database-based mobile app, Brain Squad will help you enhance your business presence on smartphones with beautiful, unique and engaging Android mobile apps. As an experienced Android application development company, we guarantee a top-notch Android application that will work like a magic wand in terms of productivity and growth. We use the best technology available to develop mobile applications for our clients so that they can easily compete in the technology-driven market.

Our Android App Development Process

With over 13 years of experience and a long list of clients, we have designed a seamless process for Android app development. With a collaborative and innovative project management system in our approach, we always deliver the highest customer satisfaction. Thanks to our collaborative process, we can deliver Android application projects without delay.

Submit Your Project Requirement

First, our team of analysts and developers will review your Android application needs and assign the project to the best developers.


Our experts will then contact you to answer your project-related questions and inform you of the best solution.

Select Engagement Terms And Timelines

Based on the advice of our IT experts, you can choose the commitment deadlines to carry out your project.

Complete The Payment And Get Started

Make payment online through our ultra-secure payment process and we will immediately start working on your project and deliver it within the stipulated time.

Our Custom Android App Development Solutions for Your Business

We’ve been in the mobile apps industry for over 13 years, and in those 13 years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of industries and businesses. From retail companies to construction companies, we have worked with various companies operating in different industries. This allows us to provide custom application development solutions for your business, which is one of the main reasons businesses love working with us. By listening to your unique business needs, we develop custom Android apps with updated Android SDKs.

Whether it’s travel, entertainment, retail, logistics, social media, education, or any other industry, we can develop the best Android app for any type of business. With our custom application development solution, you can stay ahead of your competition. Even our developers are adept at collaborating with clients from all industries and delivering results that sometimes exceed our clients’ expectations.

Tools and Technologies We Use for Android App Development

We make sure to use the latest Android app development tools and technologies so that you don’t have to compromise on app quality. By allowing our developers to explore the latest tools and technologies in the Android application development market, we can utilize updated Android application development methodologies. Here are some of the tools and techniques we use for Android app development:-

  • JAVA

Trends in Android Application Development

Android App Architecture
The guidelines defined in Google’s architecture describe best practices when developing an Android application. This policy asks users to create robust, transparent and high-performance applications. By using the Android application architecture, you can create more stable applications.

Android Enterprise
Android devices are one of the most popular and widely used devices in businesses. Android Enterprise is a Google-led program that defines best practices for Android application in the enterprise ecosystem.

Machine Learning
This emerging technology is catching fire in android app development, allowing apps to improve and learn from experience even without being programmed. If an android app uses unstructured data, then integrating machine learning in that app can be very useful.

Artificial Intelligence
AI brings remarkable innovations to Android app development by allowing apps to perform advanced technologies such as image tagging, landmark detection, and even barcode scanning.

Why Customers Choose Brain Squad for Android App Development?

Brain Squad is one of the largest and most popular Android app developers in the market and has been providing unique, beautiful and feature-rich Android apps for over ten years. We develop mobile apps compatible with Android devices of all sizes and shapes using the latest technologies, coding processes and standards. By choosing Brain Squad as your Android app development partner, you can enjoy the following benefits:-

Complete Transparency

We always believe in 100% transparency to our clients and that is why we always keep them informed about their projects.

Round The Clock Support

We offer our customers 24/7 customer support so they can get all their questions answered and get information about their project at any time.

Flexible Engagement

Brain Squad offers bespoke engagement templates that are handcrafted to perfectly fit customers’ unique Android app development needs.

Continuous Innovation

Our engineering team strives to create breakthrough innovations and apply them to our customers businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

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